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Ultimate Freedom  $9.95  92p Pentecost 1830  $9.95  98p A Man Aproved Of God  $9.95  88p Ultimate Freedom 9.95  92p  eBook  4.95  The Biblical secret of embracing total dependence on God which brings His authority into your life. Pentecost 1830 9.95  98p  eBook  4.95  In 1830 the "Irvingite" revival broke loose and many received the Spirit in the West coast of Scotland and in Irving's Scottish church in London. A Man Approved Of God 9.95  88p  eBook  4.95  This is a book about the humanity of Jesus Christ. To deny either the humanity or the divinity of Jesus Christ is to lose sight of the true wonder of the Incarnation. Great Scot  $9.95  90p Great Scot 9.95  90p  eBook  4.95  Edward Irving (1792 - 1834) was a Scottish pastor and Reformed theologian. Irving wrote as a theologian defending experience. No Darkness At All  $9.95  96p

No Darkness

At All

9.95  96p  eBook  99c

This short commentary on three of the pre-eminent letters of the New Testament can be read as a Bible study aid or as a devotional.

What Is Happenning To Me?  $4.95  99c  40p

What Is Happening To Me?

4.95  40p  eBook 99c

This is a book about the Christian experience. It is about victory in different situations.

The Collapse Of The Church

 Print 8.95  92p  eBook 4.95  

The Answers are in the New Testament Pattern.

Collapse Of The Church  8.95  92p